domenica 1 maggio 2011

Padiglione Taiwan

Curator Amy Cheng Artists Hong-Kai Wang, Yu-Hsien Su
Sound Library/Bar:
Designer Kuo-Chang Liu Content researchers and organizers Tieh-Chih Chang, Jeph Lo
Performing Artists: Fujui Wang, Chi-Wei Lin, DJ @llen

Sede Palazzo delle Prigioni

The Heard and the Unheard - Soundscape Taiwan explores Taiwans social soundscape. Sound, as protagonist of the exhibition, appears both in its role as a medium and as a metaphorical site for political actions. By adopting sound as both substance and aesthetic form, the exhibition explores the non-mainstream cultural context of contemporary Taiwanese society through the work of two artists and the inclusion of the Sound Library/Bar.

Hong-Kai Wangs (b.1971) Music While We Work investigates the collective experience of listening and recording at a specific social space of labor and production. Wang collaborates with an over 100-year old sugar factory and invites a group of retired workers and their spouses to return to the historic industrial site. Through recording workshops they learn to take charge of the microphone and to later record sounds found at their former workplace.

Yu-Hsien Su's (b.1982) Sounds of Nothing is about the lives of common people, including foreign boatmen, a scavenger and a vagrant. Invited participants make their own music and Su compiles their recordings into albums under his newly-launched label indi-indi. The albums, with peoples unpracticed, dissonant or improvised music, highlight the existence of individuals and provide a metaphor for different voices in society.

The audio-visual installation and documentation presented in the Sound Library/Bar outline the evolution of local history by providing a narrative of the sound of social movements and of sound production since the lifting of martial law in 1987. The preview features performances by sound/performing artists Fujui Wang, Chi-Wei Lin and DJ @llen.

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