mercoledì 16 maggio 2012

Simryn Gill per l'Australia

Dall’Australia arriverà Simryn Gill, artista residente a Sydney che lavoro con diversi media, la mostra sarà curata da Catherine de Zegher.

Photograph: Natasha Harth

Gilad Ratman per Israele

Per il 2013 il Padiglione di Israele sarà allestito con le opere di  Gilad Ratman 

Anri Sala per la Francia

Per la Francia, dopo alcuni artisti storici, è la volta di Anri Sala, artista albanese residente in Francia. Rappresentato dalle gallerie Hauser & Wirth e Marian Goodman. 

La curatrice per la Germania

La Germania ha scelto la curatrice per la prossimo edizione, si tratta di Susanne Gaensheimer.

Per l'Inghilterra Jeremy Deller

Jeremy Deller è l’artista selezionato dal British Council per rappresentare l’Inghilterra alla prossima Biennale di Venezia del 2013.

Reduce dal recente successo della mostra alla Hayward gallery di Londra, con una intensa mostra biografica. 

Venice Biennale 2013 Call for proposals


Hivos and the Arts and Culture Program of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) invite project proposals for the Central Asia Pavilion (CAP) to be realized within the framework of the 55th International Art Exhibition – Venice Biennale 2013.

Building upon the challenging exhibitions during the past three editions of the Venice Biennale, and in recognition of the complex transition period and dynamic developments of the field of contemporary art in the countries of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan), Hivos/OSF offer a platform through which the energy of socially engaged contemporary artistic practices from the region can be presented and further developed within the international context of the next Venice Biennale.

Hivos/OSF envision the CAP as a critical and polemical undertaking that explores and strengthens the vibrant potential of contemporary art, society, theory and activism from Central Asia, and makes a significant contribution to the artistic, cultural, intellectual, social and civic imaginaries of the contemporary world. The aim of the CAP is to stimulate and facilitate regional developments—both in terms of the individual practice of cultural practitioners and in exploring the possible role of art in the changing society—as well as to create a possibility to link these developments to the global contemporary art context.

Preference would be given to the proposals which, besides the CAP in Venice, include a sustainable discursive project (or a series of projects) in the region of Central Asia before and after its materialization in the framework of the Venice Biennale, and which depart from and further explore the identity of the CAP as a regional rather than a national pavilion—challenging the constraints of the national representations in the Venice Biennale—proposing an example of collectivity and solidarity for both art and politics instead. The project of the CAP will be approached critically to ensure a balance between artistic visions and the need for political and/or social representation.
Selection procedure and deadlines:
- Check the Project Proposal Requirements (pdf)
- Applications should be submitted via e-mail to
- No later than 1 June 2012
- Selection Committee will select a maximum of three proposals to be further elaborated in detail. Applicants will be notified at the latest by 15 June 2012
- Selected finalists will have two weeks to develop their proposals further. The deadline for submitting second-round detailed project proposals will be 1 July 2012. The final decision will be announced by 15 July 2012
- For more information please contact:
- Russian version of the proposal: 2013 (pdf)