lunedì 27 agosto 2012

Irlanda - Richard Mosse

L’ Arts Council dell’ Irlanda ha annunciato che sarà Richard Mosse, a rappresentare il paese nel padiglione nazionale alla Biennale di Venezia. L’opera sarà un progetto installativo a otto canali video sulla Repubblica democratica del Congo. Curatore è Anna O'Sullivan, 2013 direttore della Galleria Butler a Kilkenny.

English text 

The Arts Council and Culture Ireland have announced the artist and commissioner/curator to represent Ireland at the Venice Art Biennale in 2013, which is an initiative of Culture Ireland, in partnership with the Arts Council. 

The Commissioner/Curator for Venice 2013 is Anna O’Sullivan, Director of the Butler Gallery in Kilkenny, who has selected artist, Richard Mosse, to present a highly ambitious eight-channel multimedia installation on the subject of the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
Orlaith McBride, Director of the Arts Council said: "Once again we are proud to be supporting Ireland's representation at the Venice Biennale 2013. We believe that this artist and commissioner/curator will deliver a world class presentation and ensure that Ireland's representation will be at the forefront of international visual arts practice. We wish the team the very best with their preparations". 

Christine Sisk, CEO of Culture Ireland said: "The Venice Biennale remains the foremost showcase for visual arts in the world. It was wonderful to see the strong response to the open selection call, which reflects the range and level of experience in the visual arts sector in Ireland".
Commenting on the selection, Ms. O'Sullivan explained:  "Richard is an outstanding choice to represent Ireland at the Venice Biennale 2013.He has already gained international recognition, especially for his ongoing work, Infra. At Venice, Richard will push this work into a strong, immersive multimedia environment. I am thrilled for Richard, who I know will rise to the challenge of this important opportunity, and will create an extremely original installation that will represent Ireland powerfully on the international stage". 

Culture Ireland, in partnership with the Arts Council, is committed to Ireland’s participation in the Venice Biennale and to increasing opportunities and profile for Irish artists abroad.

Curatore: Anna O'Sullivan
Artisti :Richard Mosse

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