martedì 30 aprile 2013

Una serie di eventi paralleli alla Biennale di Venezia

Love Me, Love Me Not
Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan and its Neighbours
Arsenale Nord, Tesa 100, Venice
Faig Ahmed, Untitled, 2012. Thread Installation, dimensions variable
Love Me, Love Me Not is an unprecedented exhibition of contemporary art from Azerbaijan and its neighbours, featuring recent work by 17 artists from Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Russia, and Georgia. Produced and supported by YARAT, a not-for-profit contemporary art organisation and curated by Dina Nasser-Khadivi, Love Me, Love Me Not offers a diverse range of media and subject matter, with video, installation and painting by Faig Ahmed (Azerbaijan), Rashad Alakbarov (Azerbaijan), Afruz Amighi (Iran), Kutluğ Ataman (Turkey), Shoja Azari (Iran), Rashad Babayev (Azerbaijan), Mahmoud Bakhshi (Iran), Ali Banisadr, (Iran), Ali Hasanov (Azerbaijan), Orkhan Huseynov (Azerbaijan), Sitara Ibrahimova (Azerbaijan), Aida Mahmudova (Azerbaijan), Taus Makhaceva (Russia), Farhad Moshiri (Iran), Farid Rasulov (Azerbaijan), Slavs & Tatars ('Eurasia') and Iliko Zautashvili (Georgia).

Who is Alice?
Spazio Lightbox, Venice
Xoo-ang Choi, The Wing , 2008, Oil on Resin, 56x172x48 cm,
Courtesy of the Artist and the National Museum of Contemporary Art,
Inspired by Lewis Carroll's story Alice in Wonderland, the exhibition Who is Alice?, curated by Chu-young Lee and organized by the National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea resembles a dreamlike experience, where the artists create with great spontaneity small unreal and absolutely fabulous worlds. In a city where fantasy and reality at times belong to the same time world, the artworks on display blur the everyday space and time boundaries and invite the viewer to an extraordinary experience, that winds along the ten Lightbox rooms with extraordinary tales. Works by U-ram Choe, Young-geun Park, Hong-chun Park, Hein-kuhn Oh, O-sang Gwon, Yeon-doo Jung, Myung-keun Koh, Dong-wook Lee, Xoo-ang Choi, Jung-wook Kim, Du jin Kim, Hyung -koo Lee, Beom Kim, Hae-gue Yang e Myoung-ho Lee. 

A remote whisper
Pedro Cabrita Reis
Palazzo Falier, Venice
Pedro Cabrita Reis, A remote whisper - studio version, 2013, PCRSTUDIO/ João Ferro Martins, Courtesy of the Artist
A remote whisper is an extraordinary piece by world renowned Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis, specifically produced for the occasion of the 55th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia. The artist installs in the 700 sqm piano nobile of Palazzo Falier a monumental work that occupies the walls and floors of the exhibition site, inviting the viewer to engage in a path of random trajectories through the space thus building an intricate perception of the piece.
The exhibition, curated by Sabrina van der Ley, Director for Contemporary Art at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, displays a semi-precarious, hand-made, construction that combines aluminum, glass, and fluorescent fixtures, drawings, paintings, and photos. 
A remote whisper is organized on behalf of The Secretary of State for Culture of Portugal with the kind support of Galerie Nelson-Freeman | Ivorypress | Magazzino | Mai 36 | Peter Freeman Inc.


Rhizoma  (Generation in Waiting)
Magazzini del Sale, No. 262
Still from the Takki Trailer, Bayan Car. Produced by Cinema of Arabia & UTURN. Length: 11:37. 2013. © Cinema of Arabia & UTURN
This exhibition will allow visitors to explore the cultural and artistic development of Saudi Arabia. Drawing its inspiration from a younger generation of Saudi artists and embracing visual art alongside technology, science and natural philosophy the exhibition presents an emerging network of artists belonging to Saudi Arabia that may become one of the most relevant artistic and cultural movements of 21st century.
The exhibition is organized by Edge of Arabia and curated by Sara Raza offers a clear vision of the radical transformation in Saudi art, which is now more affiliated with its roots, to the real culture represented by the awareness of the different living conditions in Saudi Arabia.

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