sabato 18 maggio 2013

Lebanon at Venice with Akram Zaatari - 55th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia

Akram Zaatari's practice is tied to the practice of researching and studying existing documents. He is interested in looking at the present through a wealth of past photographic records. Zaatari's work reflects on the shifting nature of borders and the production and circulation of images in the context of the current political divisions in the Middle East. His videos and photographic installations look into technologies of image production and communication and the notions of surveillance

Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath co-founded Art Reoriented, a multi-disciplinary curatorial platform operating from Munich and New York in 2009.Their past and ongoing exhibition, research and publication projects include several museums and cultural institutions including MoMA in New York, Mathaf in Doha, INHA in Paris, IVAM in Valencia, Casa Arabe in Madrid, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Gwangju, Tashkeel in Dubai, the China Art Museum in Beijing and BOZAR in Brussles.

Founded in 2008, APEAL is a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing and encouraging Lebanese artists by projecting their artwork beyond conventional borders and onto a larger screen. APEAL is equally dedicated to the launching of exchange programs between artists from the Lebanese scene and counterparts elsewhere, from universities and art academies. It is also committed to granting scholarships to promising

Mr. Charles Najjar, UBS General Manager, one of the most important supporters of the initiative, stressed the policy of UBS aimed at supporting and sponsoring artistic and cultural activities, and he commented on the words of Mr. Ali Janoudi, Head of Wealth Management at UBS in the MENA region, who said that the Middle Eastern art has all that it takes to be a global success, which is why UBS prides itself in collaborating with APEAL in its endeavor to offer the best of Lebanese art, and to develop and encourage cultural exchange platforms.

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