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The First Ten Years of Trolley Books - Foreword by Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist Introduction by Barry Miles

Trolley Books is proud to announce a special presentation in Venice on Tuesday 28th May, with a new book to mark our first ten years Trolleyology, and in homage to founder Gigi Giannuzzi. Taking over La Serra Dei Giardini, a recently restored greenhouse at the edge of the Giardini, and working in collaboration with Spazio Punch, a non-profit cultural organisation based in Venice, Trolley will present the new book and celebrate Gigi with a special soundscape by poet Salena Godden, with projections on the greenhouse itself of images from the books, followed by interviews with many authors and esteemed contributors.

Since they were founded in Venice in 2001, Trolley Books has been highly regarded as a maverick independent publisher of photography, reportage, contemporary art and recently, literature. Sadly Gigi Giannuzzi passed away on Christmas Eve 2012 from pancreatic cancer; devastating news for many who knew and respected his work as one of the bravest and most beautiful of creative forces, publishing through Trolley many important and underexposed stories, with his unique dedication and vision.

Shortly before he died work began on Trolleyology, to celebrate the first ten years of the award-winning books and authors brought together by Trolley. A chronological anthology of the best from each publication, with behind the scenes and previously unseen material, personal photos, contact sheets, letters and interviews with the photographers, writers and artists Trolley has worked with over the last decade.

Trolleyology will bring together many renowned contributors including photographers Nan Goldin, Philip Jones Griffiths, Alex Majoli, Stanley Greene, Paolo Pellegrin, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Chien Chi Chang, Tom Stoddart, Nina Berman, Thomas Dworzak, Alixandra Fazzina, Robin Maddock, Jamie Morgan, artists Paul Fryer, Sarah Lucas, Polly Morgan, Mat Collishaw, and writers Iphgenia Baal, Julian Stallabrass, with an introduction by cultural historian Barry Miles.

Spazio Punch is art, fashion, publishing, architecture and contemporaneity, since 2011. A non-profit organization on the Giudecca island, in a former warehouse of spirits and beer that investigates, plans and organizes exhibitions, cultural events and discussion panels. In 2012 Spazio Punch organised L’edicola, the first edition of a biennial appointment on art and design magazines. There is a strong will to create an innovative platform for the city of Venice, able to magnetize positive energy and develop successful partnerships.

For more information please contact Hannah Watson +44(0)20 7729 6591

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