venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

Canada BGL

Per il 2015 sarà il collettivo BGL a rappresentare il Canada, l'annuncio è stato dato presso la National Gallery del Canada ad Ottawa.

BGL è un acronimo composto dai nomi del collettivo ((Jasmin Bilodeau, Sébastien Giguère, Nicolas Laverdière), che è stato fondato negli anni novanta. 

Da Wikipedia
BGL is an artist collective composed of Jasmin Bilodeau (born: 1973), Sébastien Giguère (born: 1972), Nicolas Laverdière (born: 1972) originally from Quebec city. The trio was formed some 13 years ago while the three artists were still studying at Université de Laval in Québec City.
BGL is known for their self-referential and in situ installations. Their art is in direct dialogue with contemporary culture. BGL's projects vacillate between the boundaries of destruction and excess.[1] The trio subtly challenges political notions through absurdist installations and performances.[2] The trio produces art that engages in social criticism and in that way is reminiscent of the collective General Idea (1969–1994).[3] BGL seeks, through its work, to challenge the boundaries between art and life. The artistic trio focuses on the realization of a body of works that preoccupies itself with social and humanitarian concerns and that suggests a critique of the society in which they take part. Their works are not the representation of reality but rather are created with the goal of inviting the viewer to be conscious of his/her environment. BGL is concerned with the values encouraged by consumerism, as well as the fictional reality created by media, television and cinematography which imposes on the viewer something already fabricated and which creates a hegemony that puts the viewer asleep.[4]
The works of BGL can now be found in many private and public collections such as the Musée National des Beaux-arts du Québec, the Collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Collection of the National Gallery of Canada as well as the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (Toronto).

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