lunedì 23 febbraio 2015

Simon Denny NZ sito on-line

Ora è on-line il sito del progetto di Simon Denny per la Nuova Zelanda al link

The New Zealand pavilion will be split across two sites: one modern, at the edge of Venice and one historical, at its heart.

Simon Denny will be the first Biennale artist to use the terminal at Marco Polo Airport, designed by architect Gian Paolo Mar. Here, people converge from all over the world. For most visitors, it is their first point of contact with Venice. Extending through the arrivals lounge, Denny’s installation will operate between national borders, mixing the languages of commercial display, contemporary airport interior design, and historical representations of the value of knowledge.

The other half of the pavilion will be the Monumental Rooms at the Marciana Library in Piazza San Marco, designed by Jacopo Sansovino during the Renaissance. Decorated with paintings by artists including Titian and Tintoretto, depicting philosophy and wisdom, the Library is an allegory for the benefits of acquiring knowledge. It also houses historical maps and globes, including Fra Mauro’s early world map, containing information obtained by travellers, merchants and navigators including Marco Polo. It is one of the first European maps to depict Japan, for example. Here, Denny’s installation will draw analogies between this spectacular but obsolete map and the way the world is mapped and managed today.


Leigh Melville, Head of Patrons, and Heather Galbraith, the Commissioner, invite your support for New Zealand’s presentation at the world’s most prestigious art biennale. For donations of $5,000 and more, you can become a member of an exclusive group, the Patrons of the Venice Biennale 2015. In recognition of your support, you can enjoy a rare opportunity to be part of New Zealand’s presence in Venice.

You will be offered:
Two tickets for the three-day Vernissage preview (Tuesday 5 May – Friday 8 May), which is attended by VIPs, media, and arts professionals. A limited number of tickets is available to each participating country.

A copy of the Secret Power book.
Name acknowledgement in promotional materials in Venice and in New Zealand.
Invitations to openings and ceremonies.

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