sabato 15 aprile 2017

The Antarctic Biennale at Venice

Il progetto  Antarctic Biennale sarà a Venezia nei giorni dell'opening 

The Antarctic Biennale is an international socio-cultural phenomenon that uses artistic, scientific, and philosophic methodologies to address shared spaces such as Antarctica, the Ocean, and Outer Space.

The expedition on the research ships will culminate in these inspiring interdisciplinary activities. The ship will become a vehicle for the generation of art and ideas, a travelling platform for dialogue between artists, researchers, and thinkers.

The Antarctic Biennale does not start or end with the expedition in March 2017. This is a biennale «in process», constantly building space for productive cooperation and creation of meaning.

The concept for the Antarctic Biennale was first proposed by Russian artist, sailor, and philosopher Alexander Ponomarev in 2011. Alexander has conducted several expeditions to Antarctica and organized a number of international artistic events on the continent.

In 2014, as Commissioner, Ponomarev established the Venice Biennale’s first ever supranational pavilion — the Antarctic Pavilion — as an international interface of the Antarctica Biennale (with the support of the AVC Charity Foundation).

Alexander Ponomarev and Nadim Samman (who curated the first exhibition in the Antarctic Pavilion) were included in the 2014 list of ’The 100 Leading Global Thinkers’ (Foreign Policy Magazine, USA) for their work on the Pavilion and Biennale.

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