martedì 12 giugno 2018

Kris Lemsalu per l'Estonia

Nei nuovi spazi della Giudecca l’Estonia proporrà il lavoro dell’artista Kris Lemsalu che si intitolerà “Funtain”.


Kris Lemsalu will represent Estonia at the 58th Venice Art Biennale .Next year, the Estonian pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale will feature an exhibition by Kris Lemsalu. The working title of the project is FUNTAIN. The Estonian pavilion exhibition will be opened next May in Venice, in a spectacular industrial building on the island of Giudecca.

Lemsalu is planning to create a fantasy world that is at once real and fairy-tale, involving in the process international musicians and performance artists, many of whom she has worked with before. This environment will be created for the purpose of producing a whole and emotionally charged installation in which every viewer could participate themselves. An international team of curators and writers will begin work on the exhibition project.

“In my previous work, there are too many depictions of death, which there is already enough of in the world around me,” says Lemsalu, describing her plans for the pavilion in Venice, “and even though it can be naive to think that I will be able to ditch this subject so easily, I will at least attempt to make the viewer smile – there is all the more reason to, as in Venice, death wears a carnival mask anyway.”  

Kris Lemsalu is an artist with a distinctive visual language who makes use of combined techniques and methods from ceramic, installation and performance art. The driving forces behind her work are often events and stories from her personal life, based on which the artist creates mises en scène that enable her to make wider generalisations.

Lemsalu has studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts, the Danish Design School and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. This year, she received an Estonian national culture award for her performances at the Performa17 art biennial in New York, the David Roberts Art Foundation’s 10th anniversary events in London and for her international exhibitions in 2017. In Summer 2018 Lemsalu will be participating at the Baltic Triennial 13 and will have a solo show at the soon-opening Goldsmith's College Gallery in London at at Secession in Vienna.

Estonia’s participation in the Venice international art biennale is organised by the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia and funded by the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

More information:
Maria Arusoo
Commissioner of Estonian Pavilion

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