domenica 28 agosto 2016

Padiglione Polacco - Call for artists

The Minister of Culture and National Heritage and Zachęta – National Gallery of Art announce a competition for the curatorial project for the exhibition in the Polish Pavilion at the 57th International Art Exhibition in Venice in 2017.
The curatorial project should contain the exhibition concept and the original theme of the exhibition, a full scenario of the exhibition with visualisation, a summary of the exhibition scenario and an estimated budget for the production of the project.
The curator of the project, and in the case of a curatorial team at least one person should have:
  • complete higher education;
  • good knowledge of contemporary art, curatorial experience in organizing exhibitions;
  • a good level of English.
An emblem should be placed on the project to serve as a code making secret the identity of the curator of the project.  The project should have attached a closed envelope with the emblem on it, which should contain:
  • copy of the emblem;
  • name of the curator;
  • curator’s postal and e-mail address, phone number;
  • curator’s CV;
  • filled and signed “Curator’s declaration” which is annexed to the competition rules.
After the announcement of the results of the competition, the exhibition concept and the summary of the exhibition scenario of all the submitted projects will become public. Making available a full scenario of the exhibition, together with the visualization of the project may take place only with the written consent of the curator.
The deadline for submitting projects is set for 20th September 2016. In the case of submissions by post or courier service, the date of receipt of the project by the Organizer’s secretariat is decisive. Organizer’s secretariat working hours 10–16 Monday-Friday. Organizer address:
Zachęta – National Gallery of Art
plac Małachowskiego 3
00-916 Warsaw, Poland
with a header “Biennale Sztuki 2017”

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