mercoledì 25 gennaio 2017

Mark Bradford a Venezia

Sul sito di Artforum viene segnalato il progetto di Mark Bradford per supportare, in collaborazione con la cooperativa Rio Terà dei Pensieri nel periodo della Biennale di reintegrare uomini e donne incarcerati.


Mark Bradford Partners with Nonprofit to Help Prisoners Re-Enter Society for 2017 Venice Biennale

American abstract painter Mark Bradford will embark on a six-year collaboration with Rio Terà dei Pensieri—a Venice-based social cooperative and nonprofit—to reintegrate incarcerated men and women in Venice into society by providing them with employment opportunities. Titled “Process Collettivo,” the initiative will establish a sustainable longterm program that aims to spread awareness about the limitations of the penal system. Bradford will help develop a storefront located in the Frari district into a venue where artisanal goods made by inmates will be sold.

The project will coincide with the artist’s US pavilion at the Fifty-Seventh Venice Biennale. Opening in May, the exhibition “Tomorrow is Another Day” will feature a multilayered narrative exposing contradictory histories. Cocurated by Christopher Bedford and Katy Siegel, the director and the senior programming and research curator at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the show will present new and existing works.

“Mark’s approach to the US pavilion project—encompassing both his exhibition and ‘Process Collettivo’—exemplifies his distinctly material approach to contending with social issues, particularly those impacting the margins of society,” Bedford said. “Just as Mark will actualize social change beyond the walls of the pavilion, the BMA aims to bring contemporary art beyond our walls and into our local community.”

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