martedì 3 marzo 2015

Padiglione Greco - AGRIMIKÁ. Why Look at Animals?

Curato da Gabi Scardi e Alexios Papazacharias ecco il sito del Padiglione Greco che presenterà l'opera dell'artista Maria Papadimitriou

AGRIMIKÁ. Why Look at Animals?
Maria Papadimitriou's installation, AGRIMIKÁ. Why Look at Animals? is a shop, a vestige of the past that sells animal hides and leather, transferred from the central Greek city of Volos, where it operates. This presentation of the relationship of humans to animals sparks series of concerns ranging from politics and history to economics and traditions, ethics and aesthetics, fear of the foreign and the incomprehensible, and our profound anthropocentrism that allows us to define ourselves as non-wild, different from all other animals.

Maria Papadimitriou was born in Athens in 1957. She lives and works in Athens and Volos, Greece. She studied visual arts at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA). In 2003 she won the DESTE prize for contemporary Greek art.
In 2002 she represented Greece for the 25th edition of the São Paulo Biennial with the project T.A.M.A. (Temporary Autonomous Museum for All), an ongoing project still central to her artistic practice. Since 2001 she is teaching visual arts at the Department of Architecture of University of Thessaly in Volos.

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