mercoledì 6 maggio 2015

Enter Views on Crisis

Enter Views on Crisis is a project with the overall objective of decoding, analyzing and mapping crisis. The ongoing multi-year long debt crisis, which has been taking place in some eurozone member states since end of 2009 has actually affected the political, economic and social identity of Europe in all EU and EFTA states. Crisis has an impact on personal identities, socialities, as well as the quest for co-existence and social welfare. It has also revealed hidden problems not only in how societies function, but also advanced ‘Crisis’ to a symptom of an overall urge for a global transformation within current political, economic, social systems and discourses of knowledge. Crisis in this regard acquires various connotations and meanings according to national, regional, and personal context. ...

EVOC is presented in Venice in the framework of the project "REALISE - The Resilience of Art in Liquid Crises". A short video, conceptualised and produced by Martin Schaffner and Max Spielmann - Institute Hyperwerk, features a selection of the most interesting segments of the interviews carried out by the project so far.  


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